Shearmaster® Shearing Machine

Catalog #78153-003

Packing a powerful punch, this machine is the choice of shearing professionals around the world for fitting cattle, shearing sheep and llamas. Its 3” head runs cooler than ever, and its clearly marked tension knob means easier blade adjustments for a variety of jobs. A 13-tooth comb and 4-point cutter give a high-quality shearing job with few second cuts in the fleece, and various other comb and cutter combinations are also available to handle all your jobs.
  • Heavy Duty Single Speed clipper with combs and cutter blades for sculpting and fitting
  • New Housing, improved tension knob
  • Comes in a tool box for convenient storage
  • **** All Clippers Include Cryogen-X™ AgION® Blade with Antimicrobial - Reduced the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. ****
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