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Heiniger ONE Shearing System, complete with Pin DriveHeiniger ONE Shearing System, complete with Pin Drive

Heiniger Complete ONE System includes:

  • Heiniger One single speed Shearing Machine Motor
  • Icon handpiece
  • 13 tooth comb
  • 4 pt. cutter
  • Flexible drive shaft
  • Ferrule
  • Clipping oil and grease
  • Instructions for use

The best single speed machine in the world today. 370 watt, 110 volt, 60 cycle, 3400 rpm motor.

Flex drive shaft is the best we've ever tested. Has ball-bearing support at the top; precise square shaft fit between drive shaft and motor (instead of bayonet) to reduce vibration; and outer sleeve that is not sensitive to either cold or hot temperatures. Will drive Heiniger, Oster, Super Shear and Lister handpieces.

The Heiniger® Icon Handpiece is recognized by most pros as the world's finest handpiece. Precision made in Switzerland. Can use all combs and 4 point cutters as well as most from other firms.

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